Janine Francois

Academic, Activist, Agitator

Janine is a Black Feminist Cultural Producer and Curator, her practice entails co-producing artistic and cultural work with marginalised and excluded artists with intersectional identities. ‘Community’ and ‘care’ are central to her practice, reflecting on questions like, what does it mean to be in community with others? What does it mean to care for others? And how does this shaped the work produced within institutions? (See Past Projects)

Janine is interested in whiteness and race (see my blog), whether (and how) institutions can care for us and how this informs questions of ethics of care, safer/braver spaces and social equity. These musings underpin her Ph.D which explores if Tate can be a safer space to discuss issues of race and cultural differences?

Janine’s career began as a Youth Arts Manager and Educator who helped established and run the Threads Fashion Project, a youth arts project for young women aged 10-18 in Hackney. Under the Threads Fashion Project Janine partnered with Hackney Museum, the London College of Fashion, Victoria & Albert Museum, Design Museum and The National Archive amongst many others large and small cultural partners to deliver high impact youth-led creative projects.

Janine is now a Lecturer at Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts London, UAL), teaching on the BA Culture, Criticism and Curation course. Janine set up UAL’s first-ever Hip-Hop Cultures module delivered at the London College of Communication. She is also a Visiting Lecture at the Royal College of Art (RCA) and has also set up the RCA’s first-ever Hip-Hop Studies reading group.

Janine does paid consultancy work.

Photo Credit:Fraser H-N courtesy of GUTS Gallery