ITSJANINEBTW! Is Janine Francois’s critical and creative space. Janine is Black feminist cultural critic and writer,  who writes candidly  about race (specifically whiteness) and its connection to  academia art, culture and heritage. Sometimes it’s wholly personal, sometimes its  a structural critique and sometimes its a little bit of both.Janine is also a PhD student at the University of Bedfordshire / Tate.  She is researching whether Tate can be a safe space to discuss race and cultural difference within a teaching and learning context.  Janine lectures at the University of the Arts London and has just created the university’s first ever Hip-Hop Studies there. See Janine’s CV which covers her academic interests covers.


Janine’s journey (as cultural critic) began when she was a youth arts educator / project manager, who worked in various roles for over 10 years. In this time, she formed successful partnerships with Victoria & Albert Museum, London College of Fashion, Hackney Museum, Design Museum and The National Archives amongst many others to deliver high impact projects. Janine still works with young people and is interested in work around criticality and power / privilege.